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Kitchen Trends - What's HOT in 2018

April 30th, 2018 / By Admin

Kitchen Trends - What's HOT in 2018

The kitchen has become more than just a space to showcase your culinary skills - it’s a space to let your creativity to shine through in design. Kitchen trends in 2018 is the year for elevated aesthetic to take the lime light. With pops of colour, a playful backsplash, and neutral finishes, the kitchen will become the centrepiece of your home. Take a look at the biggest kitchen trends of 2018.

Hues of Blue-Gray

Gray is a go-to colour for most, this blue with gray undertones is great for someone looking to put a modern twist on an timeless colour. This color is neutral and versatile enough to be the perfect base against for your woods, metals, and allow for your accent colours to pop.

Neutral finishes

2018 is welcoming a twist or two on the always popular neutral colour choice for cabinetry. Soft grays, cream finishes and a surprising trend- light khaki tones are replacing the timeless all-white kitchen. Not only are softer tones popular this year, darker shades- such as black cabinetry and accents. Playing with soft gray or blue tones with darker shades create contrast and put a fashionable spin on basic black and white kitchens.

Matte Black is the New Black

Dated black appliances are making a comeback in 2018- with a touch of sophistication. Matte black appliances are the perfect combination of function and aesthetic. It is perfect for the customer looking for a fingerprint and smudge-resistant alternative to stainless steel or for those looking to add depth and style. Matte black appliances are bold yet versatile enough to be used in any kitchen style, from traditional to modern. It provides you with the opportunity to use contrast and texture that will add dimension to create a stylish yet classic room.

Minimalist + maximalists

For the past few years, clean and minimalistic design dominated kitchen trends. If you’re drawn to bright colours, patterns or statement pieces- 2018 is your year. Try introducing a colourful floral print or any bright pattern to a simple design to create a modern focal point in your kitchen.


Instead of going for an overall look, create an overall feeling in your kitchen. A kitchen does more than provide a space to create meals, it has become a family gathering spot. To create a feel of wellness, put focus on big windows, bring in comfortable seating and allocate spots for plants and herbs to make a room that will feed your soul.


Quartz was introduced to kitchen design as a high-end alternative to granite. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous, making it highly resistant to staining and is one of the most hygienic countertops in the market. It is strong, durable and pretty low maintenance for homeowners and is trend that isn’t going anywhere soon. There are tons of colours and patterns available for quartz countertops and manufactures are always improving this stone to satisfy customers. Going with a neutral colour will create a cleaner look and withstand any kitchen trend.


Kitchen sinks in 2018 are putting emphasis on functionality. Oversized apron sinks will create an elegant look while accommodating pots and pans of any size and compliment modern or traditional elements in your kitchen.