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The Future of Home Appliances

September 21st, 2018 / By Admin

The Future of Home Appliances

Home appliance technology is improving every year. Much like every other area of our lives in the 21st century, all the major household items we use in our day to day lives are steadily changing. Faster, smarter, more efficient, today’s appliances are an entirely different breed than those of the previous generation. So, what should we expect from the next wave of home appliances?

Smart Technology With increased computerization in all aspects of our life, an increasing number of appliances will employ smart technology. These advancements in connectivity will greatly increase programming options and allow you to control the appliances through your smartphone. For example, this Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher allows you to choose customizable cycles from a phone app, or you can go with Sensor mode which lets it choose the most effective cycle for you.

Integration One of the big pushes in home appliance technology is an increase in device integration. New products are increasingly able to communicate with each other, saving you time and energy. Theoretically, all the appliances and devices in your home, once properly harmonized, will ultimately work as one cohesive unit. Self-repair and troubleshooting is also well within reach.

Centralization Improved connectivity will eventually mean you no longer need to adjust each of your appliances manually. Once your entire network is programmed and connected they will be fully accessible from your laptop, phone, TV, or even the dashboard of your car.

Data Sharing This is likely to feel like the biggest leap into the future. Your fridge will recognize product levels and order your groceries, to be delivered to your door just when you need them. Your security system will detect your impending arrival and open the garage door as you pull up. Freezers that alert you to approaching food expiration dates. At some point, the end goal will be near complete automation.

It is never easy to predict the future, but the two things we know for sure are that home appliance technology is constantly evolving, and that appliances are only going to continue to get smarter, more efficient, and more intuitive. While some of these changes are still on the horizon, in recent years huge strides in these areas of the appliance market have already taken place. To get a look at all the newest and most innovative products on the market today, check out Essex Appliance Centre and find the appliances of the future for your home!