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What's NEW & COOL From Whirlpool in 2019

June 28th, 2019 / By Admin

What's NEW & COOL From Whirlpool in 2019

When it comes to great household appliances, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger name than Whirlpool. Whether we’re talking about their signature washers/dryers or one of the many other appliances under their sub-brands, Whirlpool has been leading the pack in quality and reliability for years. However, what you may not realize is that Whirlpool brands are also driving forward in innovative features as well. Here’s a profile of some of the great new tech that is driving these different appliances.

At Home Cooking Versatility-The KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

Food processors are a staple of kitchens across the world, helping create delicious meals of all kinds. However, Whirlpool recently took a 2019 CES Innovation Award for this offering, which brings new meaning to the term “all-in-one.” The featureset of this item allows for all kinds of cooking from one machine, including:

  • boiling
  • frying
  • steaming
  • chopping
  • pureeing
  • mixing
  • emulsifying

As well as serving as a replacement for cookware bloat in the kitchen, it also provides a variety of different features to help support home cooks. For example, the StirAssist feature allows for constant stirring to avoid burned ingredients, even when the cook is working on something else. It also has a built-in ingredient scale to properly calculate weight in the pot.

Smart Laundry- The Whirlpool Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer

Smart homes are a concept growing in popularity for working parents, the elderly, and anyone who just wants more convenience with their daily tasks. Whirlpool brings the world of laundry into the future with this latest innovation. As a start, this smart machine can wash and dry all in the same machine, saving you extra space and not having to worry about transferring laundry. This ventless unit also brings features like automatic dispensing, to ensure that every load gets the necessary amount of detergent. This machine is also compatible with Amazon Alexa via voice control, and you can monitor the progress of your clothes through the Whirlpool mobile app.

Modernized Luxury Kitchen Appliances- The New JennAir Line

The JennAir brand recently went through a rebrand, changing the way that they handle the luxury segments. One of the top priorities of the refresh was to better integrate technology into their line of equipment. One such example is integrating smart home features by allowing consumers to manage things like food temperature and control settings via the JennAir app.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the customizability of JennAir. Inspired by, of all things, LEGO, the different pieces of technology are designed to be pieced together in a variety of different positions in order to help customers customize their kitchens just as they like it. This combination of features and customization is set to make JennAir the ideal option for luxury homeowners and remodelers.

More Powerful Drying- The Maytag Front Load Washer And Dryers

Sometimes, innovation is less about doing something new and more about doing something far better. That is what Maytag is doing with the addition of its new “Extra Power” button. This helps boost stain fighting by giving homeowners a on-demand way to raise the drying power of their clothes, and can provide support with any wash cycle.

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