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Where to splurge during your next kitchen overhaul

April 30th, 2018 / By Admin

Where to splurge during your next kitchen overhaul

Because there are no rules when it comes to kitchen renovations, knowing what’s important to you will help dictate where to splurge and save. Someone who hosts dinner parties every weekend will place higher value on aesthetics than the person looking to see a nice return-on-investment.

Both will probably agree that a kitchen renovation can be stressful, time- consuming and an expensive process. To get the best value out of your budget- these three features are where to splurge during your next kitchen overhaul.


Countertops are the most popular feature to upgrade to during a kitchen renovation. Not only is it used for daily food prep, but they are the focal point of your kitchen. And because some of the priciest (and beautiful) surfaces such as quartz, marble and granite are the most popular- it’s no wonder why people are willing to splurge.

If you have a more modest budget but still want that beautiful surface- granite offers various grades rated 1-5. If you choose a 2 rather than a 5, you can still get a high-quality countertop at a cheaper price.


Not that you can’t find high-quality cabinetry for pretty cheap- but most homeowners agree that it’s worth splurging for and here’s why. Some kitchen layouts have some unique measurements that require customization for a cohesive look throughout. Like countertops, cabinets see a daily beating- splurging on cabinets will not only look great but they will likely last longer.


Splurging on appliances is important because they shouldn’t be replaced too often. Be practical when purchasing appliances- know what’s important to you and the daily use of your kitchen. Features such as stainless steel or premium colours will cost more for no reason beyond aesthetics. If you’re looking for a better return-on-investment, splurging or saving on functionality will make a big difference.