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36 Inch Built-in French Door Refrigerator

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You'll love SubZero-Wolf's French door refrigerator not just for its sleek contemporary look, but also for its practicality. It makes your kitchen feel more spacious, because only half a door swings out - nice if you have a galley kitchen, or assorted friends and and family members often milling about. Of course, since it's a Sub-Zero, it has an even more profound advantage - the most advanced food preservation features in the industry - features developed through almost 70 years of research.

Dual refrigeration provides the ideal humid yet chilly conditions for fresh foods, along with dry, frigid air for frozen and convenience foods. A NASA-inspired air purification system scrubs the air of ethylene gas, bacteria, mold and viruses. Easy-to-use microprocessor controls and magnetic door seals add to the powerful preservation package. Capacity for the BI-36UFD is a generous 15.7 cu. ft. refrigerator, 5.3 cu. ft. freezer. Bottom line No wilted lettuce, no wrinkly blueberries - just fresher, more delicious food for you, your family, your guests.

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  • Features
  • Specifications & Dimensions

  • Dual Refrigeration

  • Microprocessor Control

  • Air Purification System

  • Water-Filtration System

  • Magnetic Door Seal

  • LED Lighting

Overall Width: 36"
Overall Depth: 24"
Overall Height: 84"
Drawer Clearance - Standard: 23 5/8"
Drawer Clearance - Flush Inset: 21 7/16"
Opening Width: 35 1/2"
Opening Depth: 24"
Opening Height: 83 3/4"
Flush Inset Width: 38"
Flush Inset Depth: 26 3/16"
Flush Inset Height: 84"