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Thermador Masterpiece Series 24’ Wall Oven

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From the company that shares your reverence for the art of cooking, Thermador's ovens are the ultimate tools to empower the chef within. With state-of-the art technology, unrivaled performance and sophisticated style, they are sure to satisfy the most discriminating culinary enthusiast.

Cooking with steam not only locks in the food's flavors, moistures, vitamins and minerals. If you ask a professional chef about steam, you'll quickly understand its power, especially when combined with convection. Food is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, just like it was being served at a 5-star restaurant. No other cooking tool delivers results like this. Steam also lets you reheat without losing the original dish's moistures, textures and flavors. Plated dishes and baked goods have never been so good the next day.

Bring on the bird. Forget about getting up early on holidays. You can cook a 14-lb turkey in just 90 minutes in the oven Combination Mode. Golden on the outside. Moist on the inside. Dry turkey is a thing of the past.

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Rack and Pans Included
1 rack, 2 perforated and 2 non-perforated pans included

Halogen Lighting
Beautiful stainless steel cavity is illuminated with powerful halogen lighting.

40 EasyCook Programs
Pre-programmed modes automatically set the oven temperature and humidity to ensure perfect cooking results.

Healthy Cooking
Steam offers a healthy cooking method and retains food's valuable vitamins and nutrients.

Advanced Reheating Option
Better the next day reheating.

Ultimate Cooking Flexibility
The ultimate culinary tool-the Steam and Convection Oven offers passionate cooks three cooking solutions-Steam, True Convection, and Steam and Convection.

Steam Convection Mode
Steam and Convection Cooking provides unrivaled food taste and quality.
Food stays moist on the inside and is perfectly finished on the outside.

Cooking Made Easier
Steam and convection cooking is effortless and reduces the risk of over-cooking, over-boiling or dried out food.

1.4 cu.ft. Capacity
Cavity easily accommodates a 14lb. Turkey.

Steam Clean
Steam Clean assist function keeps the oven spotless.

Cutout Width: 22 Inch

Cutout Depth: 24 Inch
Cutout Height: 17 3/4 Inch
Exterior Width: 24 Inch
Exterior Depth: 21 5/8 Inch
Exterior Height: 17 7/8 Inch